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To add the name of a deployed service member to our ’Cigars for the Troops’ request queue, please email all contact information to:

Please note: Requests for 'Cigars for the Troops' are placed into our cigar shipment queue in the order that they were received. Cigars are send at various times of the year and are dependent on available resources. Due to the large volume of requests, not all requests can be fulfilled in a timely manner.


Cigars for the Troops Fourth Shipment 2018

14 SEPT 2018 - Bagram

I received a box of Exactus Cigars and we want to say thank you. It was amazing. We are a large group of guys who love cigars and it truly gives us a break from the real world to enjoy life. Again, thank you Mr. Mack and the CFA.

Cigars for the Troops - Bangram

Cigar Shipments from our Cigars for the Troops program -
24 AUGUST 2018 | Round 3 |

Cigars for the Troops Third Shipment 2018

Cigar Shipments from our Cigars for the Troops program -
1 AUGUST 2018 | Round 2 |

Cigars for the Troops Second Shipment 2018
Cigars for the Troops Second Shipment 2018

Cigar Shipments from our Cigars for the Troops program -
3 JULY 2018 | Round 1 |

Cigars for the Troops First Shipment 2018
Cigars for the Troops 2018 Shipments
Cigars for the Troops First Shipment 2018
Cigars for the Troops 2018 Shipments
Cigars for the Troops 2018 Shipments

Event photo memories of the 2018 Cigars for the Troops Golf outing are located on our Cigars for Aficionados Facebook page. Follow the link on the left.


2018 Cigars for the Troops Sponsors

2018 Cigars for the Troops Sponsors

2018 Cigars for the Troops Sponsors


(PDF Format)




5 JUNE 2018

These are a few pictures of us enjoying your Cigars, We travel around a lot and some of the places we go we cannot take pictures. I will try to get more in the future.
We have enjoyed them immensely. Thanks to organizations like yourself this makes what we do here even more important to us.

Thanks again from the Soldiers and Civilians of the Alpha Battery 1/14 FA HIMARS Battalion.

Cigars for the Troops
Cigars for the Troops
Cigars for the Troops
Cigars for the Troops
Cigars for the Troops

Good afternoon,

I just received a cigar care package from you and wanted to say how excited I was to open it and pass them out to my fellow soldiers. We will surely enjoy these, and we appreciate the generous donation by our supportive friends back home. Take care and keep up the great work!

137th MP DET
KAF, Afghanistan

Dear Cigars for Aficionados Team,

A few nights ago there was a quite large lightning and rain storm near Al Taqaddum Airbase, Iraq.  When Soldiers came on shift the following morning, they had to walk through flooded areas almost a foot high and spend the morning changing socks and trying to dry out boots.  Bottom line, it was a rough night/morning.

Later in the afternoon we received a  box from your organization.  Inside we found a very generous and smooth selection of cigars.  This instantly improved morale and put a smile on Soldiers faces who were previously wet, dirty, tired,homesick, etc..

From all of us in 2-44 Air Defense, THANK YOU!!  Although only a few Soldiers are pictured here enjoying your products, we do have a large amount of personnel currently deployed that have enjoyed these cigars.

Again thank you for your support.  We appreciate your patriotism and ability to provide us with such a kind care package




Dear Cigars for Aficionados

My Team is currently serving in Afghanistan, every Friday we sit around for an hour or two and have a nice smoke and social time. I know you have supported many troops all over the world, and with your support comes my appreciation.  Thank you for all you have done.


The marines of second battalion fifth marine regiment, fox company, weapons platoon would like to thank CFA for the cigars. The La Gloria Cubana serie R's and AJ Fernandez pinolero's were outstanding. A little about our deployment we are currently on the 31st marine expeditionary unit out of Okinawa, Japan and had been on the USS Green Bay the last 3 months. We conducted training in Australia and Guam. As well as patrolled the waters of the western pacific. We have roughly 3 more months to go in Okinawa. Again thank you very much for your gracious support and humbleness.

 Cpl Matthew C. Janes USMC












We just shipped 10 more boxes of cigars to deployed troops on 23 July 2014.

Click here for a “Thank You” letter from Kandahar. PDF format.




Shown here is less than 1/3 of the cigars ready for shipment to our troops in Afghanistan. Thanks go to you, our customers, Cigars for the Troops Golf Outing sponsors and golfers. You can always come by the shop and help send cigars to deployed troops worldwide. Long ashes to all.






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